Marco Ciufolini

Co-Founder & VP, Chemistry

Focus at NTx

Vice-President for Chemistry; Board Director (Canada)


I obtained a PhD in chemistry at the University of Michigan and after postodoctoral studies at Yale University, I became an academic. I held faculty positions at Rice University, Houston, TX (1984-1998), the Université Claude Bernard and ESCPE in Lyon, France (1998-2004), and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (2004-2021). I have over 30 years’ experience as consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, and contributed to the development of 3 commercial pharmaceuticals, including Onpattro.® I am a co-founder of NanoVation Therapeutics, Inc., and 6 other companies, and I am the author of more than 160 technical papers and 45 patents.

Interests / hobbies

History, philosophy, classical music