Rafaela Marodin

Senior Research Associate, Formulation

Focus at NTx

Formulation and characterization of lipid nanoparticles


I am a molecular biologist committed to improving genetic disease therapies. I completed a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University and a MSc in Medical Genetics in Dr. Phil Hieter’s lab at the University of British Columbia, where I demonstrated the potential of converting DNA repair proteins into dominant, cytotoxic anti-cancer drugs. As part of the Formulation team at NanoVation, I conduct and support the design and characterization of lipid-based nanoparticles for nucleic acid drug delivery. My ultimate goal is to contribute my knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to the field of gene therapy and have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients with difficult-to-treat diseases.

Interests / hobbies

Hiking, camping, ceramics