N. D. Prasad Atmuri

Associate Principal Scientist, Chemistry

Focus at NTx

Designing, synthesizing, and characterizing RNA drugs to advance scientific knowledge for gene therapies


I have over 15 years of experience working in synthetic and medicinal chemistry labs, in both academic institutions and world-leading pharmaceutical companies, developing drugs with a wide variety of biological targets.

My research interests lie in developing strategies to exploit biologically relevant pathways for advancing nanomedicines using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), and in exploring tailored LNP designs and cargos to enable their therapeutic application for cancers, rare genetic disorders or infectious diseases.

I completed a DPhil in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford in 2017 and subsequently held post-doctoral researcher positions at University College London (investigating gene editing approaches using lipid-based nanoparticles) and at the University of Oxford (investigating the cellular functions of proteins responsible for regulating post-translational modifications involved in DNA repair).

Interests / hobbies

Music, travel