Georgina Girt

Senior Scientist, Formulation (UK)

Focus at NTx

Novel lipid nanoparticle formulation, assay development, bioconjugation strategies


I completed my PhD in Chemical Biology at the University of Leicester, designing and synthesizing analogues of the peptide antibiotic teixobactin. I then joined the Naismith lab at the University of Oxford as a PDRA, designing photo-affinity probes of bioactive natural compounds to investigate their cellular mechanism of action.

In 2020, I moved with the Naismith group to the Rosalind Franklin Institute, where I developed a COVID nanobody (ELISA), and investigated a new class of C-nucleoside forming enzymes using kinetics and synthetic photocaged substrates. In this position, I was part of the team that won a RSC Horizon Prize in 2022.

Interests / hobbies

Playing pickleball and rounders; walks and hikes outdoors; spending time with my cat