Lívia Palmerston Mendes

Senior Scientist I, Formulation

Focus at NTx

Designing and implementing novel formulations that meet specific target product profiles


I am passionate about research in the field of drug and gene delivery, especially as applied to vaccines and cancer therapy. My interest in Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery Systems started in my undergraduate years, when I joined the Pharmaceutical Technology lab in the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, where I graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy (2010) and an M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012). I pursued Ph.D. studies in the Pharmaceutical Sciences department at Northeastern University, Boston, in 2018 and began working in Biotech as a Formulation Scientist in 2020.

Interests / hobbies

Traveling and exploring new destinations, cooking and sharing my “creations” with others, acquiring new skills and enjoying my free time with friends