Our technology covers methods of synthesizing lipids, specialty (ionizable) lipids, LNP compositions, & modifications of mRNA


The NT toolbox

Our toolbox covers it all

No need to multi-source.

With our one-stop-shop IP portfolio, we are equipped to custom design an LNP system that will address all your needs in terms of both cargo and delivery to your target tissue.

Get it piecemeal from other sources…

… or get it all from NTx

A platform for success

Our unique platform technology gets your life-changing gene therapy into the clinic… fast

Every NanoVation Therapeutics innovation is underpinned by:

  • novel mRNA caps to increase translation;
  • proprietary high-yield synthesis pathways;
  • surface-modifying lipids with improved tolerability compared to PEG-lipids; and
  • increased potency standards compared to commercial formulations.

We have the expertise

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

In-house small-molecule, lipid, & nucleoside synthesis capability by a team with 30+ years’ experience in the field.

Outstanding portfolio of novel, proprietary, economical lipids for nucleic acid delivery with proven efficacy in vivo & in vitro.

Pre-Clinical Studies

LNP transfection in preclinical systems.

Pharmacokinetics, efficacy and biodistribution of LNPs characterized in various systems.

Lead LNP formulations identified for cell type-specific and tissue-specific delivery.